JFCFM10116 Certificate I in Joinery, Furniture and Cabinet Making (Furniture Making)


This qualification reflects the role of individual graduates who have en-rolled in 6 months course a variety of junior Joiner, carpenter or furniture and Cabinet maker positions who per-form a range of mainly routine tasks using limited skills and fundamental operational knowledge in a defined Joinery and Capentry context. Indi-viduals in these roles generally work under direct supervision.



Module 1: OHS and Communication

Days: 9

Dates: 22 Mar-1 Apr

Fees (VT): 11800

This module teaches the skills and knowledge to work safely in the construction industry, apply basic first aid as well as skills and knowledge required to develop basic communication skills in the workplace in particular gathering, conveying and receiving information together with completing assigned written information. The learner also learns about the importance of having a professional attitude in the workplace



Module 2: Introduction to Technology

Days: 9

Dates: 7- 19 Apr

Fees (VT): 8850

This module teaches the skills and knowledge required to carry out basic routine workplace calculations including carrying out required mathematical operations; preparing basic estimates of mass, size and volume; and interpreting basic graphical representations of mathematical information. It also includes identifying and using computer technology to access, input and store information. The Learner also learns the basic of assembling production furniture using modular construction methods and components to a given plan



Module 3 : Basic Machine Skills

Days: 9

Dates: 23 Apr- 10 May

Fees (VT): 12000

This module covers the competency to safely operate and maintain basic static machines including wood working machines used for sawing, planning, sanding and drilling in the production of furniture.



Module 4 : Cabinet Making Project

Days: 20

Dates: 14 May- 10 Jun

Fees (VT): 20700

This module covers the competencies required for assisting in the on-site installation of cabinets for kitchens or bathrooms. It includes assembling cabinets, fitting components, and fixing cabinets to wall and/or floor surfaces, and making a limited range of adjustments in the installation of new or renovated kitchens and bathrooms. Covers preparing surfaces for the application of surface coatings by hand or machine following environmental care procedures as well as the safe handling of hazardous and dangerous substances. The learner actually gets to construct a simple cabinet ready for installation.



Module 5 : Furniture Making Project

Days: 25

Dates: 16 Jun- 20 Jul

Fees (VT): 26650

This module covers the competencies required for the selection of suitable timbers for use in production by applying knowledge of timber technology. The module also covers the joining timber by constructing joints using hand and portable power tools. The learner will get to construct a simple item of furniture.





Participants can exit at any time and receive statements of attainment for successful modules covered.

Participants successfully completing all modules will be eligible for a Certificate I in Joinery, Furniture and Cabinet Making (Cabinet Making)

Minimum entry level is Year 10 completion with a pass grade

Enrolment Forms can be picked up at VIT administration office or sent to your email account

Fees can be paid by modules, multiples of modules or in full, however fees for each module must be paid in full before being allowed entry in the next

For further information, please contact: 

Office Phone: 22294/ 22295, Email: timothy.ruth5253@gmail.com or mwulurane@gmail.com


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