HTTO20517 Certificate II in Tourism (Tour Operations)


This qualification reflects the role of individual graduates who have enrolled in 6 months course who participate in a range of routine and tourism work activities. . It is designed to prepare a person to per-form a range of varied activi-ties under supervision in a Tourism environment.



Module 1: Workplace Safety and Sanitation

Days: 5

Dates: 22-26 Mar

Fees (VT): 19770

This module deals with skills and knowledge required to follow key hygiene procedures which apply in hospitality and tourism enterprises including the provisions of essential first aid in recognizing and responding to emergency using basic life support measures.



Module 2: Customer Service

Days: 10

Dates: 1- 16 Apr

Fees (VT): 13240

This module covers the skills and knowledge required to communicate in the workplace in handling of difficult interpersonal situations both with customers and colleagues to provide visitors with general information about a local area and providing quality service to both internal and external customers.



Module 3: Essential Tourism Knowledge in Vanuatu

Days: 13

Dates: 22 Apr-10 May

Fees (VT): 13250

This module describes the demonstration of knowledge of tourism information for visitors to Vanuatu and world tourism destination including knowledge of economic and socio-cultural and physical process of producing art and craft including the knowledge of history, custom, culture and traditions in Vanuatu.



Module 4 : Efficient Handling of Luggage and Equipment

Days: 5

Dates14-20 May

Fees (VT): 13240

This module describes skills and knowledge to interpret operational tour documentation for touring equipment and supplies including knowledge and skills required to load and unload passengers safely onto and from a ride,  and to observe the operation of the ride.



Module 5 : Tour Commentaries

Days: 9

Dates: 26-May- 7 Jun

Fees (VT): 20310

This module describes the skills and knowledge required to work effectively as a guide to research specialized information on flora, fauna and landscape including constructing commentaries



Module 6 : Guiding Skills Application

Days: 5

Dates: 11-17 Jun

Fees (VT): 16250

This module describes the skills and knowledge required to research information on Vanuatu for presentation to customers including the delivering of information to a group using basic group communication and presentation techniques.



Module 7 : Snacks and Drinks Preparation

Days: 5

Dates: 23-29 Jun

Fees (VT): 13230

This module deals with skills and knowledge required to prepare and present a variety of sandwiches including the skills and knowledge to prepare and serve a range of teas, non expresso coffees and other non-alcoholic beverages.




Participants can exit at any time and receive statements of attainment for successful modules covered.

Participants successfully completing all modules will be eligible for a Certificate II in Tourism (Tour Operations)

Minimum entry level is Year 10 completion with a pass grade

Enrolment Forms can be picked up at VIT administration office or sent to your email account

Fees can be paid by modules, multiples of modules or in full, however fees for each module must be paid in full before being allowed entry in the next

For further information, please contact: 

Office Phone: 22294/ 22295, Email : or



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