BCGC10116 Certificate II – Building Construction (General Construction)


This qualification reflects the role of individual graduates who have enrolled in 6 months course . The gradu-ates perform task under close supervision with limited skills and knowledge on the define work context during variable delivery mode.



Module 1: Communication and safety

Days: 8

Dates: 22-31 Mar

Fees (VT): 12720

This module deals with the skills and knowledge required to maintain health and safety in the work areas as well as basic communication skills in the workplace, in particular, gathering, conveying and receiving information together with effective work practices



Module 2: Interpret measurements, plans and specifications

Days: 12

Dates: 5-20 April

Fees (VT): 14340

This module include required skills and knowledge of interpreting measurements, plans and specification of the drawing.



Module 3: Apply building practices and setting out

Days: 12

Dates: 26- 11 May

Fees (VT): 15920

This module provides skills and knowledge of carrying out a setting out and excavation accordance to the Vanuatu building code.



Module 4: Handle and use steel fixing tools and equipment

Days: 8

Dates: 17-26 May

Fees (VT): 11140

The module the learner gains the skills and knowledge required to use and handle tools accordance to safety procedures.



Module 5: Carry out concrete work

Days: 6

Dates: 8-23 Jun

Fees (VT): 9540

The module required skills and knowledge to use concreting tools and equipment.



Module 6: Brick laying and block laying applications

Days: 8

Dates: 31- 9 Jun

Fees (VT): 11140

The module required skills and knowledge to prepare block laying and bricklaying materials for construction and able to use the tools and equipment.



Module 7: Apply timber framing practices

Days: 12

Dates: 14-29 Jun

Fees (VT): 15920

The module required skills and knowledge to be able construct a pitch roof, ceiling frame, wall framing and erecting a scaffold at a restricted height accordance to required building procedures.



Module 8: Installing windows doors and cladding

Days: 8

Dates: 5- 14 Jul

Fees (VT): 7960

The module required skills and knowledge to be able to install windows and door to required standards and also able to install cladding on timber wall framing




Participants can exit at any time and receive statements of attainment for successful modules covered.

Participants successfully completing all modules will be eligible for a Certificate II in Building construction (General Construction)

Minimum entry level is Year 10 completion with a pass grade

Enrolment Forms can be picked up at VIT administration office or sent to your email account

Fees can be paid by modules, multiples of modules or in full, however fees for each module must be paid in full before being allowed entry in the next

For further information, please contact: 

Office Phone: 22294/ 22295

Email: or


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