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AEAE10319 Certificate I in Automotive Engineering

AEAE10319 Certificate I in Automotive Engineering



Module 1: Safe Work Practice

Days: 7
Dates: 22-30 Mar
Fees: 11920 VT

This competency provides insights into the common hazards and risks within the automotive workshop industry. It provides simple and practical safety solutions and helps you to uphold your responsibilities and make your workshop safe. It also covers usage of type, quality and selection of hand tools and maintenance of equipment in an automotive workshop.


Module 2: Applied Technical Drafting

Days: 9
Dates: 6-16 April
Fees: 14900 VT

This competency encompasses the skills and knowledge required to identify, select and interpret a basic detailed drawing or plan that conveys information about how an object functions or is constructed. It also covers the need to carry out several different calculations, in the right order, to get the correct answer in the work place either by using basic comparison measuring tools or maintaining the equipment.


Module 3: Basic Metal Production Techniques

Days: 7
Dates: 22-30 April
Fees: 16390 VT

This competency covers preparing the materials and carrying out routine manual metal arc and oxy acetylene welding. It also provides the required skills and knowledge of techniques used in basic soldering of vehicle electrical system.


Module 4: Automotive Mechanical Systems

Days: 16
Dates: 6-8May
Fees: 11920 VT

This competency describes the performance outcomes required to identify the function and basic operation of a range of vehicle mechanical systems and components. And it also provides basic knowledge and awareness of automotive terminology and mechanical terms and principles as they apply to vehicle mechanical systems, components and technologies found in modern motor vehicles.


Module 5: Engine Liquid Systems

Days: 23
Dates: 3 Jun – 6 Jul
Fees: 8940 VT

This competency demonstrates the knowledge of cooling system operation, and repairing or replacing faulty components. It also covers the required knowledge to demonstrate fuel system for two stroke engines.


Module 6: Basic Manual Wheel Alignment

Days: 13
Dates: 12-29 Jul
Fees: 11920 VT

This competency encompasses the skills and knowledge required to remove, inspect and refit light vehicle wheel and tyre assemblies and it also covers the required skills and knowledge to carry out light vehicle wheel alignment operations.


Module 7: Basic Automotive Electrical

Days: 9
Dates: 5-19 Aug
Fees: 13410 VT

This competency covers the competence to service, remove, replace and charge automotive batteries. And it also provides the competent required skills and knowledge to test vehicle electrical circuits/systems and carry out modifications and minor repairs.



Participants can exit at any time and receive statements of attainment for successful modules covered.

Participants successfully completing all modules will be eligible for a Certificate I in Automotive Engineering

Minimum entry level is Year 10 completion with a pass grade

Enrolment Forms can be picked up at VIT administration office or sent to your email account

Fees can be paid by modules, multiples of modules or in full, however fees for each module must be paid in full before being allowed entry in the next

For further information, please contact: 

Office Phone: 22294/ 22295

Email : timothy.ruth5253@gmail.com or mwulurane@gmail.com

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