School history


VIT is the centre of excellence for public technical, vocational, business, hospitality, and continuing education in Vanuatu; contributing to the economic and social development of all its islands and citizens.

VIT Vision

VIT will become a polytechnic institute to provide a worthwhile learning experience to students with a focus on technology to maximize student potential and ensure that they are equipped to meet the challenges in their choice of further education or employment.


  • Ensure the success and well-being of students
  • Provide highly skilled and professional VIT teachers and staff
  • Assist with the training of other TVET providers throughout Vanuatu
  • Develop and maintain high-quality curricula relevant to the needs of both urban and rural economies, as well as social needs
  • Strengthen the management of VIT and provide leadership to the TVET system, train other educational managers for the national training system, and offer management training to the public and private sectors
  • Ensure the financial security and growth of VIT
  • Provide attractive, safe, well-maintained and well-managed facilities


  • Reflect and embody a commitment to students, industry and the community
  • Provide quality, relevant and responsive training that will prepare students for their future endeavours
  • Employ a caring approach to learning that reflects trust, respect and honesty
  • Protect and preserve Vanuatu’s distinctive culture and heritage
  • Deliver first quality education in both French and English
  • Support and strengthen staff, teacher, and student professionalism