The VIT library is the largest technical and vocational library in Vanuatu and provides support and resources to students, staff, and teachers. Its collection includes resources in French, English and Bislama and is comprised of >8,000 books, newspapers, magazines, videos, pamphlets, maps, and other learning resources. Both reference and fictional materials are available, as well as a large general collection covering subjects taught at VIT – including tourism, electricity, automotive, hospitality, business, accounting, social studies, business studies, sport and recreation, information technology, management, media and journalism. The library is staffed by a head librarian and an assistant librarian, who are available to assist students.

No membership fees are assessed, and all VIT students, teachers, and staff are encouraged to use the library resources. The library is open from 7:30 – 11:30 a.m. and from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday throughout each semester. It is also open during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Students are welcome to study in the library at any time during operating hours.

Library Rules
? Food and/or drinks are prohibited.
? Bags are to be left with the librarian at the front desk when entering the library.
? Students must work quietly and will be asked to leave if any disturbance is created.
? Students who steal library resources will be banned from any future use of the facility.
? School uniforms must be worn inside the library.
? Students must remove caps or bonnets before entering the library.
? Wearing hair in dreadlocks is prohibited.
? Students are not allowed to re-shelve books. Books are to be placed on the re-shelving trolley provided.
? Computers may only be used for school-related work and research. All first-year students are allowed to use the computers only under supervision.
? Students must enter their name and class in the library’s record book when entering and leaving the library.
? Students may not write or draw on any library materials and/or furniture.
? Students are not allowed to listen to radio/ear phone or use mobile phone inside the library.
? No chewing gum or eating is allowed in the library.
? Library is only USED to read, do research and do study NOT for relaxation and story.

Students may request photocopies every Tuesday and Thursday between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m. Cost for photocopying is 20 vt for each A4 size paper, and 30 vt for each A3 size paper.

Borrowing / Renewing
Teachers, staff, and students may borrow books from the VIT library. Reference books, materials from the Vanuatu collection, and journals are available for loan. Vertical file folders may be borrowed but must be returned the same day.

Students may borrow two fiction books for a two-week period, while general collection materials may be loaned for a 24-hour period only. Students may renew a book once for an additional two-week period if the renewal is requested prior to the due date.

Library Fines
If materials are not returned on or before the due date, the borrower will be provided an overdue notice with a one-week extension. If the materials are not returned by the extended due date, the borrower will be banned from further borrowing and must pay a fine of 100 vt for every day that the item is not returned.

Damaged / Lost Materials
If a borrower fails to return materials because of loss, a fee of 1000 vt will be assessed and must be paid in full. If borrowed materials are damaged in any way, a fine of 100 vt will be assessed and must be paid.

Library Computers
Students are allowed to reserve a computer in one-hour increments. Reservations must be made by using the computer booking sheet at least 48 hours in advance.

Student Volunteers
Students who wish to volunteer in the library are welcome. A variety of jobs are available for student volunteers, including shelving, answering the telephone, filing, office administration, and processing new books. Please contact the librarian if you are interested in volunteering.